BrightLine B7 Flight Bag (New FLEX System)

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The BrightLine B7 Flight is perhaps the most useful flight bag ever designed. It's a fact that some days you need more gear than others. The B7 bag lets you carry a full set of flight gear for cross country and basic IFR flight. And then it lets you downsize to a smaller bag for those days when you're just going to take a quick VFR flight. This bag is designed to hold one or two full-sized headsets plus a full suite of charts, and of course your tablet, a handheld radio, plus all the small stuff you'll want along for the ride. It also serves as an unbeatable carry-on personal bag when traveling on commercial flights, or just as a terrific daily bag for a wide variety of personal and professional uses. There is a specially-designed pocket on top of the center section four (CS4) to hold Sunglasses and their case. And then the CS3 will be used to hold a library of charts, or a bulky tablet plus kneeboard, etc. A small collection of charts or flight docs can go in the spaces between the four modules. Surprisingly, a 13" notebook can even fit into this "in between" space, and the tablet can go in the main pocket on the flat cap rear.

The other great thing about the BrightLine B7 Flight is that it is actually four bags for the price of one. Not only is it a B7 Flight, but you can remove the center section three (CS3) and get a B4 Swift as a result. Or you can remove the center section four (CS4), leaving the CS3 between the end caps and have a nice compact personal bag. But you can also build a B0 Slim by removing both center sections (CS3 and CS4) and zipping just the two end cap modules together. Four different bags can be built with the included parts, meaning four bags for the price of one!

BrightLine B7 Flight Bag features:
  • Six modules - Pocket Cap Front (PCF), Center Section 3 (CS3), Center Section 4 (CS4), Flat Cap Rear (FCR) zipped together, Side Pocket Alpha (SPA), and Side Pocket Charlie (SPC)
  • Ideal flight bag with room for two headsets, a radio handheld, a notebook, a tablet, a handful of charts, and organization for little tech accessories
  • 28 pockets and storage compartments
  • Handle kit and shoulder strap included
  • Color coded zipper system for best orientation
  • Capable for modular expansion

Material: rugged flexible nylon
Color: black, with colored identifyer zipper
Inside measures: 13.5" x 10.0" x 7.0" (HxWxD) - may vary due to flexible bag material
Outside dimensions: 14.0" x 13.0 x 10.5" (HxWxD)
Weight (empty): 5.3 lbs. (approx. 2.4 kg)
Total number of pockets/compartments: 28
Included modules: pocket cap front (PCF), center section 3 (CS3), center section 4 (CS4), flat cap rear (FCR), side pocket Alpha (SPA), and side pocket Charlie (SPC)

BrightLine B7 Flight Bag delivery includes: Pocket Front Cap, Center Section 3, Center Section 4, Flat Cap Rear, Side Pocket Alpha, Side Pocket Charlie, Handle Kit, Shoulder Strap.

IMPOTANT NOTE: The new FLEX modules WILL NOT WORK with (will not zip onto) any older BrightLine Bags. The zippers had to be of a different type to allow this modularity concept to work.

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4 from 5 All you need

A flight bag as versatile as a Swiss army knife.

., 28.02.2017
5 from 5 Practical Modular Flight Bag

A very unique looking flight bag that is very versatile. It allows easy customization for different flight purposes and intentions.

It has been around for a very long time and used by professional pilots for good reasons. This is the flight bag that screams pilot from miles away; it is very well known among aviation professionals.

., 07.02.2020
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