EASA Private Helicopter Pilot Studies

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"Phil ... first I have to acknowledge a truly monumental piece of technical writing. As a one time Geologist and physics grad, I thought my technical knowledge was rather good, but it doesn't approach yours. So all I can say is an exceptional "well done" in producing the tome.

Your work will be an invaluable reference source and as I'm sure you know, the level you have set will appeal to a particular type who does want to raise his knowledge higher than the average.

I like the fact that you separate Map reading from Navigation. So many FIs don't. I also like your use of 'Gyroplane' There's so much confusion between Autogyro and Autigiro. And finally - finally - just love the constant use of your humour to lighten the student's day.

Anyway, I still stand by my first comment .. that what you have produced is in the same league as the ancient but totally comprehensive AP 129."

Dennis Kenyon

"Once I got into it I found it a great read. The style of putting in your anecdotal stuff really helps to put the hard facts into perspective. Anyway the bottom line is that the guys are getting good passes in the exams with very little input from me, which is good."

Oliver Heynes

"..a truly excellent tome that... is the equivalent of a full set of Thoms, with half as much material again. It is very readable and quite easy to understand.. worth every penny...."

Today's Pilot Magazine

The only book for the private helicopter pilot syllabus to be based on an approved JAA ATPL(H) course.

The subject matter has been completely rearranged - most schools get their students to start with air law which is completely indigestible and the most likely subject to put them off. In this book, parts of the law syllabus have been included in the preceding chapters so that by the time it is reached it is easier to swallow!

Human Factors is also first, because it contains important concepts that should be grasped before the student starts flying!

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