Calling Radar - IFR Communications

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The textbook calling radar includes the most up-to-date phraseology procedures for IFR communications described in ICAO documents. Most of the training facilities in Switzerland use this book for their ground school training and refresher courses.

The need for clear and unambiguous communication between pilots and ATC is vital in assisting the safe and expeditious operation of aircraft. Therefore it is important, that due regard is given to the use of standard words and phrases and that all involved ensure that they maintain the highest professional standards when using RTF.

Time wasted with verbosity and non-standard, ambiguous phrases could lead to flight safety incidents.

Phraseology has evolved over time and has been carefully developed to provide maximum clarity and brevity in communications while ensuring that phrases are unambiguous. However, while standard phraseology is available to cover most routine situations, not every conceivable scenario will be catered for and RTF users should be prepared to use plain language when necessary following the principle of keeping phrases clear and concise.

calling Radar cites all phraseology procedures listed in the EASA Part-FCL.615 learning objectives for IFR communications (subject 092) and described in the ICAO documents (Annex 10 Vol. 2, Doc 4444, Doc 9432).

VFR communication is not a topic in this book as it is a prerequisite for IFR communication. Nevertheless, students will be examined in these topics too.

Edition 11/2018, newest EASA compliant Edition

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