IFR VOICE CBT / Online Lehrgang

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by Dagmar Hollerer & Christoph Karthaus

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Digital version, you will be provided with a login / download link to access the CBT.

Radiotelephony is not an exact science, that's why a variety of possibilities of expressing yourself on the radio exists - and all of them are appropriate and correct.

The purpose of this CBT is the use of standard ICAO phraseology in a correct, clear, short and unambiguous manner.

In the CBT you will find a rather extensive version of communication, in order to stress the correct "'read-back" and to support student pilots.

Experienced pilots will find the shortest possible "read-back" and a lot of helpful tricks and hints in an additional text box called "Notes and Hints".

Interactive training platform for IFR radio telephony.

For experienced pilots as well as beginners during their basic training.
(The CBT doesn't substitute the visit of a regular IFR Voice course.)

Complete radio communication (pilot and ATC) including a lot of interesting information and additional explanations.

The following six flights have been kindly put at our disposal:

Geneva - Zurich
Berne - Stuttgart
Berne - Munich
Friedrichshafen - Geneva
Zurich - Stuttgart
Frankfurt - Brussels

Dagmar Hollerer and Christoph Karthaus are both experienced pilots for IFR (and VFR) radio telephony at different flying schools in Switzerland.

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